Technology is the allocation of new methods in all aspects of life. Technology has made many sectors to improve their production and services.  We have health sector, industrial sector, agricultural sector, communication sector, and software industry as some of the sectors that have been positively affected by technology. Health sector has improved on its treatment methods. Proper treatment to patients has been possible by the production of accurate results.  New methods of treatments such as the use of virtual reality have been introduced in the health sector.  Automated machines produced in the industrial sector have been known to replace human labor.


  Agricultural sector have produced quality and quantity products. Modernized methods of communication have been introduced in the communication sector. Distanced people can now communicate effectively by use of modernized methods of communication. Compute design has been improved in the software industry. It is obvious for computers of today to be smaller in size, faster in speed, and more efficient than computers of the past.


Growth of the business sector has been as a result of technology. Technology has improved the running of businesses today. A normal running of a business entails buying and selling of goods and services.  It is a requirement for customers to be attracted for them to buy goods and services. Customers can now be reached in an easy way as a result of technology. An online marketing has been noted to attract thousands of customers. A business is required to open its website to market its products and services.  Online transactions have been known to improve service delivery to customers.


Networking for a business is beneficial. Expect networking to create connections in the external world. Structured cabling has been known to be a type of telecommunication in a business.  It is a new cable infrastructure in a building. It is possible to communicate via Structured Cabling by voice and data. Network cables must be harnessed between computers for communication to be made from one location to the other.


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